Episode 2

Imposter Syndrome Will Take You Down

Welcome to episode #2 of the Modern Day Expert™ Podcast with your host, Catherine Dove.

Modern Day Experts care deeply about helping others create better lives and businesses. They are competent, successful, and have a proven track record. They are willing to do the required work to help people and build their online business.

However, having experienced Imposter Syndrome myself, and having worked with other online business entrepreneurs I understand more than ever before how Imposter Syndrome can cripple our online businesses.

In this episode, I am discussing the topic of Imposter Syndrome. sharing what it is, how to recognize it, how it can affect your online business, and how to conquer it.

If you don't believe in yourself, then how do you expect others to believe in you?

After listening to this episode, Imposter Syndrome won't stop you in your tracks.

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You’re listening to the Modern Day Expert podcast with me, Catherine Dove, online business entrepreneur and founder of the Experts Business Club. I believe your message has a million dollar value once you modernize it and share it online with a global audience every week, I’ll share inspiration, tactics and strategies to help you embrace your expertise, create passive income online and make an impact in the world. You can absolutely build a life and an online business you love. And I’m here to show you how.

Let’s get started, shall we? Hello, friends, and welcome to the second episode of the Modern Day Expert podcast. Thanks so much for joining me. In last week’s episode, I talked about the incredible opportunities that we as modern day experts have. When we package our expertise and sell it online to a global audience.

We have the opportunity to earn an unlimited income, enjoy our ultimate lifestyle and reach more people and have more impact in the world.

Now, if you haven’t already had a chance to listen to that episode, I highly recommend that you do.

Today, I wanted to share with you something that is very important that I’ve discovered based on my own experience and the hundreds of modern day experts that I’ve had the privilege of working with over the years. And that is modern day experts care deeply about helping others within their given area of expertise.

We are competent; we are successful, and we have a proven track record, and we’re willing to do the required work to help people. We work super hard to package our expertise into online products and programs and share them online so that we can help people solve problems or achieve their goals.

However, having said that. No matter how much we care and how hard we work, there is something I want to share with you today that will stop us in our tracks or temporarily hold us back when we’re building our online businesses.

That, my friends, is called imposter syndrome.

If you don’t understand what impostor syndrome is or acknowledge that you may have it, or if you don’t try to find solutions for imposter syndrome, once you understand it, then you will struggle as you build your online business.

And when you struggle, you won’t be able to help your people solve their problems or achieve their goals.

This struggle is real. It is so real, my friends. And that is why in today’s podcast, I want to help you with it. So today I’m going to talk to you about what imposter syndrome is and how do I identify it. Trust me when I tell you it is difficult to see it for what it is, I had it for years and didn’t even realize that it was impostor syndrome.

I’m going to share with you how serious it is and how it can prevent you from helping the people that you want to help, and affect your income and lifestyle.

Then once I’m sure that I have gotten your attention, I’m going to share how you can conquer imposter syndrome so that it doesn’t affect you or your online business.

So are you ready? Let’s do this.

Zig Ziglar once said, you can have everything in life you want, if you will, just help other people get what they want, and that is what we as modern day experts do. We help others to get what they want. We help them live better lives or we help them build better businesses. And when we do this, then we get what we want. In order to do this, we have to stay focused on our vision, our methods, and the outcomes that we can help people get.

We’re not just in it for the money or for our ego.

We have a true calling and a purpose that is more than just the unlimited money we can make. We want to help as many people as we can. We’re dedicated to showing up for our people. And when we show up, imposter syndrome rears its ugly head and it can take us down.

My friends, it can really take us down. So what exactly is impostor syndrome, the definition of imposter syndrome in Wikipedia says this imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent, internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud.

In other words, someone who is an expert in their field, in their niche, actually feels like they are a phony. They don’t feel they deserve any recognition as an expert, and they worry that people will soon realize that they don’t know what they’re talking about. They also think that they’ve convinced people that they are actually more intelligent than they are or have just been lucky in their past achievements. So basically, people with imposter syndrome have a lack of self-confidence and a lot of anxiety.

They have doubts about their thoughts, their abilities, achievements and accomplishments. 

Many times there is negative self talk and they feel inadequate. They might even dwell on the past mistakes and feel that they are just not good enough. Now, let me pause for a moment. Did you get a little twinge in your gut when you heard me describe what imposter syndrome is? Did any of it sound familiar to you? I’ll tell you what, it sure sounds familiar to me.

I have personally struggled with imposter syndrome a lot over the years as I have built my own online businesses.

It continues to rear its ugly head every time I’m about to make a breakthrough or accomplish something big in my online business.

Now, let me share a contrast with you that you might find as interesting as I did. The opposite of imposter syndrome is the Dunning Kruger Effect, which is named after psychologist David Dunning and Justin Kruger. This is a type of cognitive bias that causes people to overestimate their knowledge or ability, particularly in areas with which they have little or no experience. Can you believe that there are actually people out there with very little expertise on a topic that actually think they are experts?

So let me make sure you heard me, because I know this is hard to believe. People that suffer from imposter syndrome are people like you and I that know the most about a topic, but we have the least amount of confidence and we underestimate our abilities. Well, those that have the Dunning Kruger effect know the least about a topic, and they actually have the most confidence and tend to overestimate their abilities. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? My take on this is that those of us that are experts, we know so much about our field that we know how much is involved and those that are not experts and only have a high level of understanding on a topic, well, they just don’t know what they don’t know.

And so they’re overconfident in their abilities.

All right, so moving forward with new entrepreneurs, they’re more likely to have imposter syndrome, and even though it happens when you’re new, it’ll still continue to rear its ugly head throughout your entire business as you continue to work toward new goals in your business.

The people that are more likely to succumb to imposter syndrome are individuals that profoundly care about how they show up and they profoundly care about their clients.

They genuinely want to do a good job. They’re known as high achievers that set high standards, and they’re committed to doing their very best. And I think that sounds like you, my friend. Now, let me cover the different types of imposter syndrome. The first one is the soloist. So you suffer from the soloist imposter syndrome if you avoid asking for help in your online business because you feel like you’re smart and you should already know the answers.

So you avoid hiring a coach or joining a membership program or purchasing a course that will help you. And instead you try to figure it out all by yourself. Now, I would argue that by asking for help, you actually come across as smart and strong to recognize that you need help.

The next type of imposter syndrome is called the perfectionist, so if you find yourself insisting that you are the only one that can do everything in your business, you suffer from the perfectionist imposter syndrome.

You’ll spend unnecessary time on tasks that could easily be outsourced to a virtual assistant.

If you are reluctant to launch your online products or programs until they are perfect, then you also suffer from the perfectionist imposter syndrome.

You are afraid of failing.

So you never launch your online products or programs. If you spend too much time being disappointed rather than celebrating your achievements, you’re also suffering from perfectionist imposter syndrome. Let me tell you, Don is better than perfect every single time perfect is really an unrealistic expectation, and perfection is an example of imposter syndrome.

I’ll tell you that failing is actually a good thing because it teaches us a lesson that we need to learn along with teaching us resilience. All right, the next type of imposter syndrome is known as the expert in an effort to avoid failure.

You know that you have the expert imposter syndrome, if you insist on spending hours researching before you move forward on a task or a project.

So things that you need to do in your business will take way more time than necessary because you’ll be overthinking everything that you do, your approach, your messaging, the creation of your online products and programs, everything.

Another way that this comes into play as the expert is that you might feel like a failure if there’s an area that you acknowledge on that you think your clients expect you to know.

So what I’ll share with you is that if something comes up that you don’t know or that you weren’t aware of, you’re not a failure.

Actually, consider that as a learning opportunity. All right.

Another type of imposter syndrome is called the natural genius. So as an expert, you’ve spent years honing your craft. So now things come really easy to you.

But when you start an online business, you’re going to have to learn a lot of new skill sets, the natural genius imposter syndrome will kick in if you can’t tackle these new skill sets easily.

I want you to know it’s going to take time to learn some new skill sets to build your online business, but you can absolutely do it. And then the last type of imposter syndrome that I wanted to share with you is the Superwoman or Superman imposter syndrome. This type of imposter syndrome makes you feel that you should be amazing at everything you do in your online business. And if you’re not, you will work harder than anyone else to do so no matter how many hours it takes.

When you experience success, Imposter Syndrome will make sure that your own sense of accomplishment is not enough and you are constantly needing to seek external validation.

It’s really important to just be OK with your own acknowledgment for a job well done. You shouldn’t have to go out and seek external validation. All right. So I just shared with you five types of imposter syndrome, the soloist, the perfectionist, the expert, the natural genius and the Superwoman or Superman. And my guess is you were able to relate to a number of these, at least that is if you’re being honest with yourself. OK, so now I want to help you recognize what impostor syndrome looks like. If you can be aware of it, it will be much easier for you to. Nip it in the bud and make sure that it doesn’t hold you back in your online business. All right, so here are some little voices that you might hear in your head or little whispers, I’m going to share quite a few of them with you, and I have a feeling a number of them are going to resonate with you. 

All right, so here we go. Well, I am just not good enough to do such-and-such or I’m not fooling anybody. They’re going to figure out that I don’t know what I’m talking about and call me a fraud or a phony. Or you might say, this boy, if I put this out there, I am really going to get judged. Another one is who am I to try to pull this off? Or I have no business doing X, Y, Z, or maybe this one, just who the heck do I think I am to do this? 

Or I just can’t move forward, I probably should do this thing over here first. You might even throw your arms up in the air and say, that’s it. I am not going to do this, I just can’t do it. Or you might say, you know, this is just not good enough. And you might also be comparing yourself to other people. Well, so and sos website is absolutely gorgeous, they have a beautiful logo and they have so many more testimonials on their site than I do, maybe I should just wait to launch my online program until I redo my entire website.

You might also decide that you just don’t belong in the online business space and you might say, boy, I’m just not cut out to be an online business entrepreneur. I don’t know who I was kidding. Everybody was right. You might also just keep thinking that now is not the right time to do something, so here’s an example. Even though my new online course is ready to launch in September and kids are going back to school now, so maybe now’s not the right time to launch or you might find yourself procrastinating.

You might say things like, well, I really want to start a podcast, but I’ll just wait till the summer when summer comes. Well, I think I’ll just wait. Maybe I’ll do it in the fall instead.

So those are the little whispers and those are the little voices. And they’re concerned it’s it’s impostor syndrome and it’s constantly trying to hold you back and sabotage you and your online business.

So let’s go over the different ways and imposter syndrome can hurt your online business. Boy, it can hurt your business in so many ways and until you realize that you might not take imposter syndrome seriously. So one of the biggest things that I found myself doing over the years when I let Imposter Syndrome, when is that I avoided doing things in my online business that I just knew that I that needed to be done.

But I just felt really insecure or I felt like I was not good enough compared to other people in my knees. 

And I thought people would think that I was a fraud. So there are just certain things that I just avoided doing over and over again, and it eventually caught up with me. Something else that you’ll find yourself doing that hurt your business is you’ll set extremely challenging goals and you’ll be disappointed when you’re not able to achieve them.

So you won’t have a win. So then you’ll get deflated and then you might not want to try again. So that can really affect the momentum and hurt your online business in that way.

You also might not show up like you should for your paying clients like they deserve.

And that could end up impacting your business because you might get bad testimonials and not and not earn their reputation in your business that you deserve. You also won’t be successful growing your audience.

If you let imposter syndrome creep in, you’ll be scared to put yourself out there. And if you don’t put yourself out there, people aren’t going to be able to find you. And if people can’t find you, they’re not going to be able to buy your online products and programs. Another way that imposter syndrome hurts your online business is by creating a lack of confidence in yourself.

If you’re not confident in yourself and you create online products and programs when it comes time to price them, you’ll underprice them and that will negatively impact your income. Or worse yet, you’ll procrastinate to the point where you don’t even get your online products and programs out into the world because you’re lacking confidence. So imposter syndrome really can affect you, your business, in so many ways. You’re not doing the things that you need to do. You’re setting yourself up for failure.

You’re not showing up. You’re not growing your audience and you’re underpricing your products and programs or maybe not even getting them out there in the world.

OK, so now that you know what impostor syndrome looks like when it rears its ugly head, and I’ve given you a number of examples on how it can really hurt your online business and your ability to serve.

Now, I want to share with you how to conquer imposter syndrome, the first thing that you can do is just take action, take imperfect action.

We can always increase our confidence when we just start taking action, make sure that it’s intentional action, and figure out things that you can consistently do that will give you more confidence. You’ll be really surprised how quickly just taking action is going to start giving you the confidence to show up. It’s going to give you confidence in everything that you do. So think to yourself right now, what can you start doing? Even if it’s a baby step, what can you start doing to take action?

Because I promise you’ll get more confidence when you do that.

The next thing that I want you to do is to do a success audit so nothing helps beat imposter syndrome. Then when you are reminded of your achievements, the Cheeseman’s that you’ve had in the past and the achievements that you have every day moving forward, those achievements will remind you that you are not a fraud.

So write down your wins and your accomplishments. Look for ways that you can track and measure your progress on a regular basis.

It’s amazing, but seeing a list in writing of what you’ve done and continue to do is going to remind you how capable you really are and you’ll start showing up in a bigger way.

The next part of the success audit that I want you to do is to write down the people that you’ve helped. Who have you helped in the past and who are you helping right now?

What are the results that you’re helping them get? So I want you to document people you’ve helped in the past and moving forward every time you help somebody with another win or another accomplishment, I want you to write it down. And also, when you help those clients with wins, a follow up with them and ask them for testimonials. So reach out to the people you’ve helped. Ask for testimonials and keep them handy. You know, print them out and put them on your bulletin board just to remind yourself of your achievements and that you are making a difference in the world.

So that is your success audit. I think that will help you a lot to conquer impostor syndrome. The next thing that I want you to do to conquer impostor syndrome is to put blinders on. So similar to, you know, those dog cones, if you have a dog and you put the cone around their neck, I want you to do that. I want you to put blinders on, because just when we start building confidence in our online business and start having momentum, we turn our head and we see what our competitors are doing and then we start second guessing ourselves.

I don’t want you to do that. I want you to put blinders on. And I want you just to put your head down and do what you do so well. It’s none of your business what other people are doing. And I also want you to just make a decision and stick with it sometimes. I know I’ve done this. I make a decision on doing something in my online business. And then I look and I see what so-and-so is doing and then I change my mind 

And I’d already made up my mind and I already made a decision. And I was so confident in my decision and then so quickly I get derailed.

So whether your decision is right or wrong or if as long as you keep moving, you’re going to keep getting closer to results. And if for some reason it doesn’t work, you can just pivot later.

All right. The next thing that I want you to do to conquer impostor syndrome is to identify how great you are and how unique you are. So just take a moment to know what it is about you that is so unique and know that nobody can do what you do or deliver what you deliver. So write down what your uniqueness is. I promise you that will give you confidence as well to keep moving forward. All right.

Another way that you can conquer imposter syndrome is to just talk out loud, talk out loud to yourself, talk out loud to other people. So being excuse me, building an online business can be really isolating.

You can conquer imposter syndrome by surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals that share the same struggles you have. You can share your feelings, you can get feedback from others, and they can help you develop a more realistic perspective. So perhaps you should consider joining a membership or a mastermind so that you can learn from and be inspired by your peers. Another way that you can conquer imposter syndrome is to keep reminding yourself of your end goal. Who do you serve? How do you serve them?

And what is the end result? So keep reminding yourself over and over who you serve, how you serve them, and what is the end result. That’s what motivates you.

Remember earlier at the beginning of the podcast, I said modern day experts care deeply and they really want to help their clients get results.

And sometimes when we’re building our online business and it can be challenging and difficult, we lose sight of why we started our online business in the first place 

So I think this will give you the inspiration to move forward. And the last thing that I wanted to share with you to help you conquer imposter syndrome, if you’re just feeling if you feel not confident, perhaps you just need to increase your skill set.

If there’s something in particular that’s holding you back, just increase your knowledge on the topic and buy a course or hire a coach and get better at that skill set so that you’re more confident.

All right. So I shared with you multiple ways now that you can conquer imposter syndrome.

I believe it’s unavoidable, but I also believe that you can overcome it by truly believing in yourself. When we create an online business, we’re building a personal brand. So we’re selling ourselves. We have to sell ourselves. And in order to do that, we have to believe in ourselves. Because if we don’t believe in ourselves, then how on earth can we expect? Others to believe in us. So it all starts with you, so ask yourself what it takes for you to believe in yourself and then just do it.

Just do it.

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share this little piece of information with you, and that is that even though you believe in yourself, it doesn’t mean that everybody else well, the more confident you get and the more you put yourself out there, unfortunately, the more people you’ll come across that might not agree with you. And that is OK.

You are not here for everyone. When you put yourself out there, you will attract the people that want to hear from you. All right.

So as we wrap up this podcast, I have a couple closing comments for you.

I have to tell you; it was really easy for me to write this episode because I had to do is dig down deep inside and remember all of the things that I’ve learned that I’ve told myself over the years, all of the times I felt uncomfortable, all of the times I have felt not good enough, all the times I felt like a phony or like a fraud and just share it with you.

And I want you to know that I’ve been able to overcome imposter syndrome along the way, but it still pops up for me. So it’s something I think that we’re all going to continue to deal with in our online businesses. And I’ll give you an example, just starting this podcast, it was on my to do list for two years, but I kept telling myself stories that I was too busy so I didn’t have time. But when I was honest with myself, I realized that I was just scared.

I was scared to put myself out there. I was scared that people would think that I was a fraud or a big fat phony. So that was the reality that was holding me back. So you’ll get through this. You will start conquering imposter syndrome and slowly working through the things that are holding you back in your online business. I want you to think of this. Just flip the script. So be open to the possibility that you actually are the right person to share your message.

And instead of saying, well, who am I to do this, I want you to say, well, who am I not to do this?

So just flip the script. So as a recap, in this episode, we talked about what impostor syndrome is, how to identify those whispers that are voices that you hear that are holding you back. We talked about how it hurts your business and how it’s hurting your business in ways you might not even realize and then how to conquer imposter syndrome. So I want you to consider moving forward what is more important in your business? Is it being liked by everybody and being perfect and being the expert, or is it changing someone’s life?

So what’s more important to you? I think changing someone’s life is more important to you than being absolutely perfect. So it’s going to get easier. It’s going to get easier as you keep working through imposter syndrome. All right. 

That is all for today, everybody.

I hope this episode will really help you start taking action and moving forward in your online business so that you can share that amazing gift that you have with the world. And that’s a wrap for this episode of the modern day expert podcast, if you’re ready to embrace your expertise and monetize it online. Visit modern day expert Dotcom for more information on this episode and to subscribe to my weekly modern day Expert Digest so I can help you every week as you build your online expert business.

Bye for now.

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